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About the Artist

Anne Andersson with one of her animal wildlife scultpures.Anne Andersson's realistic life-size animals are made using Sisal fibers extracted from the Agave plant; sculpted clay is used for their noses and hand-painted fired glass for their eyes. It is a combination of unique materials and remarkable artistic vision that brings these sculptures to life. The animal sculptures Andersson creates — with an actual technique never fully revealed — combine her talents in painting and weaving with her attention to the smallest, most telling detail.

A passion for art and an equal desire to explore nature has always marked the life of Anne Andersson. Born in Sweden, Andersson worked as an illustrator and painter while completing studies for a degree in Science. She later graduated, with honors, from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Her diverse talents and interests led her, ultimately, to successfully create an artistic vision that unites both art and nature.

Anne Andersson's artwork serves as her homage to wild animals that are experiencing habitats diminishing along with their populations as each year passes. Each sculpture she creates embodies Andersson's dedication to conservationist ideals and the goal to preserve these species in the wild. While the creation of most any species is within her oeuvre — it is wild cats that have always stirred Andersson's deepest passion.

Anne Andersson first met with great initial success exhibiting her sculptures in New York, Miami and Los Angeles. This led Andersson's animals to become highly sought after by a variety of collectors. She has created a White Bengal Tiger family, commissioned by Siegfried and Roy, to be displayed at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her African Lions were featured at the grand opening of the Fine Arts gallery at the MGM Grand Hotel. Her Siberian Tigers and African Lions are on display at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. Her animals are in countless private collections and prestigious public displays across the country.

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